Save Our Homes Task Force

The Trumbull County Planning Commission and the Mahoning County Treasurer’s Office welcome you to the Save Our Valley Homes Task Force. If you are facing foreclosure, this county-partnership government website is here to offer a listing of resources that may help you stay out of, or resolve, foreclosure.

The Save Our Valley Homes Task Force brings together government agencies, housing counseling agencies, banks, non-profit organizations, professional associations, realtors, non-bank lenders, attorneys, brokers, and many others with the goal of providing prevention education and assistance to homeowners and future home owners who are, or may be, subject to predatory, deceptive, and fraudulent lending practices.

By abandoning a home, a homeowner can lose much of the help they have available to them. Those seeking to get out of, or avoid, foreclosure should be prepared to spend several days on the phone. Help is available, however homeowners must be willing to spend the time researching programs, making several phone calls and talking with the many individuals who may help you save your home. This website offers Mahoning Valley homeowners a first-step into the process.

If you are facing foreclosures and need assistance:

Residents of Trumbull County can contact

Trumbull County Planning Commission 330-675-2480 or via e-mail at


Trumbull County Job and Family Services (TCJFS) – Melissa Binion

330-675-2203 and view the TCJFS Foreclosure Prevention handout.

Residents of Mahoning County can contact

Mahoning County Treasurer’s Office 330-740-2460

A guide to help can be found in the Save Our Homes Pamphlets:

Trumbull County Save Our Homes Pamphlet - PDF

Mahoning County Save Our Homes Pamphlet – PDF

Additional resources

Glossary of Common Real Estate and Foreclosure Terms

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Homeowners in need should act now. While lenders are gearing up to offer this new program families should not wait to seek mortgage relief. Right now, homeowners can determine if they are already eligible for mortgage assistance through FHASecure. They can obtain information through any of the following options:

Contact current lender

Contact a local, HUD-approved housing counseling agency at

Contact the Hope Now Alliance at 1-888-995-HOPE

Review the Hope for Home Owners Fact Sheet

Call FHA at 1-800-CALL-FHA

Ohio Attorney General's Foreclosure Resources Database

Additional Information Links

Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People (ESOP) - Non-profit, HUD approved

housing counseling agency

Ohio Department of Commerce – Save the Dream Program

Ohio Housing Finance Agency – Safe and quality housing for Ohio families

US Federal Trade Commission – Credit and loan information

US Department of Housing and Urban Development – Guide to avoiding foreclosure

Consumer Credit Counseling Services – Credit counseling

If you are unable to afford your home please visit Ohio Housing Locator for help in finding affordable alternative housing.