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Trumbull County through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HOME Program, administers a Single-Family, Owner-Occupied, Housing Rehabilitation Program designed to assist low and moderate income individuals living within Trumbull County outside the cities of Warren, Girard, Cortland, and Niles (these cities have their own programs and funding for similar projects).  Currently, housing rehabilitation applicants are being accepted from Kinsman Township.


Single-Family, Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation


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Eligible Improvements


1)         Any improvements required to bring the unit up to Section 8 Housing Quality Standards, Residential Rehabilitation Standards, and Local codes, including incipient violations, are allowed.


2)         Any energy conservation improvements, when made in conjunction with other code improvements, resulting in substantial weatherization.


3)         Exterior painting and installation or replacement of vinyl siding.


4)         Repair of existing porches, steps, and sidewalks.


5)         Handicapped access upgrades and improvements.


6)         Connection to sanitary sewer and/or water line, in conjunction with other rehabilitation improvements.



Ineligible Improvements


General property improvements – these are improvements in excess of local code requirements and are specifically prohibited. 


Improvements of this type include, but are not limited to:


Additions for family rooms or dens, carports, any improvements to detached garages, air conditioning, appliances, fixtures, or equipment not required to meet Section 8 HQS and other requirements. Costs incurred prior to the date of the Contractor’s Agreement are ineligible.



Applicant Eligibility


1)         Applicant must be the owner and occupant of a single family, detached residential property. Applicant must be the owner of record for one year as shown by the recorded property deed prior to applying for the Program.  Homeowners insurance is required to qualify for assistance.


2)         Applicants household must meet Program’s 80% Median Income Limits established by HUD at the time they apply and at the time they are to receive assistance.


These income Limits are updated periodically upon HUD notification.


Property Eligibility


1)         The property must be located in Trumbull County, Ohio and outside the Cities of Warren, Girard, and Niles.


2)         The property, at a minimum, must be able to meet Section 8 Housing Quality Standards at the completion of rehabilitation.


3)         All property taxes must be paid and current to be considered eligible for the program.


5)         No mobile homes will be assisted utilizing HUD HOME funds.


Selection for Assistance


Homeowner applications and required documentation are be accepted either from target areas in conjunction with other Community Development projects, from Consortium municipal members’ residents, or on a scattered site basis.  Due to yearly funding constraints, a limited number of homes will be considered for housing rehabilitation assistance among the qualified applicants.  Thus, not all qualified applicants will receive housing rehabilitation assistance.  Applications will be reviewed and ranked on various factors including income, household size, disability, elderly head of household, and general condition of property.


First-Time Home Buyer Down-Payment Assistance


First Time homebuyers in Trumbull County may qualify for down-payment assistance through the Warren-Trumbull HOME Consortium in the purchase of their home.  Applicants need to qualify and obtain pre-approval from participating lenders in order to obtain assistance.  For areas outside the cities of Warren, Niles, and Girard, up to $5,000 or a 20% down payment may be provided by the program to assist in the purchase of the home.


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Items required to apply for the program


Verification of Employment Form



For more information or to request an application please call the Planning Commission at 330-675-2480.