Comprehensive Planning

A comprehensive plan is a guide for future development in your community, establishing the area’s vision for the future. Planning is necessary in helping decision makers anticipate the future and provide for its needs. Simply having a project listed in your community’s comprehensive plan can help score extra points on grant applications. The Planning Commission’s powers and duties per Ohio Revised Code, include, but are not limited to: making studies, maps, plans, recommendations and reports concerning the physical, environmental, social, economic, and governmental characteristics, functions, services and other aspects of planning, including Comprehensive Planning, Economic Development and ArcGIS mapping, in order to achieve compatibility throughout the county. Comprehensive plans can facilitate the most appropriate and efficient uses of land and resources, consistent with the public interest. They can accommodate orderly development; ensure the adequacy of transportation, water, sewers, schools, parks, recreation, housing and other services.

The Trumbull County Planning Commission has contracted and prepared such plans for cities, villages, townships, and other similar organizations within the county. Working with the Planning Commission assures that there is consistency maintained throughout the planning process and we can also include a Zoning Review & Recommendations so that the community’s zoning code can be in accordance with their comprehensive plan. Per Ohio Revised Code 519.12(E), townships are required to submit any proposed zoning amendments to the Planning Commission for review and recommendations; so when the Planning Commission completes a Comprehensive Plan for a community, we can easily assure they are in accordance with the Township’s Comprehensive Plan. This is a perfect example of the importance of “Intergovernmental Coordination,” because no unit of government exists in isolation. When the Planning Commission works with the townships to create and update their Township Comprehensive Plans, it facilitates and enhances the decision-making process.

If you would like to discuss how you could work with the Trumbull County Planning Commission’s professional staff on a comprehensive plan, plan update or other professional planning services including GIS Mapping; please contact Julie Green, Director at or 330-675-2480.

Trumbull County’s Farmland Preservation Plan

The Planning Commission held monthly meetings and coordinated the creation of a final plan of farmland preservation for the county. The plan includes land use strategies that will serve to preserve farmlands and open space in Trumbull County. Please click here to access the plan.