Subdivision of Land

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Subdivision/Replat Application

Zoning Certificate Form

Trumbull County Combined Health District (TCCHD) Sewage Certificate - Lot Split Application and Lot Combination Application


A minor land subdivision, also known as a “Lot Split”, is the creation of a lot/parcel, less than five (5) acres in size, that may be approved by a representative of the Trumbull County Planning Commission without plat in accordance with Section 711.131 of the Ohio Revised Code. A subdivision of land may be considered a Minor Land Subdivision if it meets the following conditions;

The proposed subdivision shall be located along an existing public street and shall not involve the opening, widening, or extension of any street or road or public utility.

The proposed subdivision involves no more than five (5) lots (inclusive of the remaining parcel) from the original tract of land as it existed at the end of the previous year as shown on the Trumbull County Auditor’s Tax Duplicate.

The proposed subdivision is not contrary to any applicable platting, subdividing, zoning, health, sanitary or access management regulations or has received any necessary variances.

Pre-Application Discussion

Prior to the subdivision of any land, the subdivider is encourage to discuss informally with the Planning Staff, the existing standards and procedures of the Trumbull County Subdivision Regulations as it relates to the proposed division of land.

Submittal Requirements:

A complete application for Subdivision/Replat approval shall be submitted to the Plats and Zoning Coordinator and shall include the following items;

  1. Deed or other instrument of conveyance in compliance with the Conveyance Standards as adopted by Trumbull County, containing an accurate and current legal description based on a boundary survey, of each proposed new parcel.

  2. Boundary Survey, survey map and legal description of the proposed minor subdivision, certified by a professional surveyor registered in the State of Ohio, prepared in accordance with Chapter 4733 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

  3. Zoning Certificate Form - template to be completed by the local township zoning inspector stating that the proposed new parcel created by or as a result of the proposed minor subdivision and remaining lands conform to the current township zoning requirements, where applicable. See Trumbull County Township's Zoning Inspector Contact Information .

  4. Trumbull County Combined Health District (TCCHD) Sewage Certificate – “Lot Split Application” and “Lot Combination Application – when applicable, if property is not served by public sanitary sewer (and is less than 5 acres) then the applicant must provide a TCCHD approved “Lot Split” and/or “Lot Combination” application, which will serve as the sewage certificate.  The purpose of this needed approval is to show that each proposed minor subdivision creating an additional parcel, lot or building site, is capable of supporting an individual sewage disposal system in accordance with the current regulations of the TCCHD.

Administrative Procedure:

Minor Subdivision Review Process Flowchart

An application for a minor subdivision or lot split submitted for approval shall be reviewed by the Planning Director or designated representative of the Planning Commission for conformity to these Regulations. If, within seven (7) full working days, the Planning Director or designated representative determines that the proposed minor subdivision and the remainder of the original tract, if any, complies with the conditions and requirements of the Trumbull County Subdivision Regulations, the Commission’s representative shall approve the proposed division and upon presentation of a deed or other instrument of conveyance, shall stamp “Approved by the Trumbull County Planning Commission, No Plat Required” and sign the conveyance. The owner or legal representative shall then take the stamped deed to the following County Offices located at 160 High Street N.W., Warren, Ohio;

The Trumbull County Tax Map/GIS Department for review along with an original copy of the survey map; (3rd Floor)

The Trumbull County Auditor for transfer of property; (2nd Floor)

The Trumbull County Recorder where it will become a legal lot of record. (1st Floor)