Plats & Zoning

The Trumbull County Planning Commission provides community planning and zoning assistance to the unincorporated areas of Trumbull County on a wide variety of issues. These services include: Administration of Subdivision Regulations for all Townships, Subdivision of Land Information and Processing, Site Plan Reviews and Recommendations, Zoning Text and Map Amendment Reviews and Recommendations and Zoning Techniques and Recommendations.

The primary role of the Subdivision Administration section is to provide consultation services for landowners, review major and minor subdivisions to determine compliance with Regulations and other adopted plans, coordinate cross-agency review, as well as prepare maps and staff reports for Planning Commission meetings.

Subdivision Regulations Informational Links:

Trumbull County Subdivision Regulations (amended December 12, 2017)

Major Subdivision Information – includes useful definitions as well as information on pre-applications, sketch plans, preliminary and final plans.

Minor Subdivision Information - includes useful definitions, submittal requirements and administrative procedures for submitting a complete application.

Minor Subdivision Application (Updated November 2019)

PLEASE NOTE: As of January 1, 2019, all applicants will be required to bring a completed application with their complete submission, along with the proper certifications, in order to be reviewed.


Katie Phillips, Plats & Zoning/Community Development Coordinator
185 E. Market St. Suite A, 2nd Floor
Warren, OH 44481
Phone: 330-675-2714
Fax: 330-675-2790

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